SF-2P 1.0 Silicone Coated Glass Fiber Fabric Wall Thickness 1.0 mm.

ท่อไฟเบอร์เคลือบซิลิโคนสีส้ม ชนิดหนาพิเศษ 1.0 mm.


  • As conductor of hot and cold air.
  • For granulate dryers in the plastics industry.
  • For printing machines , blowers and compressors.
  • For exhaust gas technique , engine construction , engine warming , aircraft construction and millitary construction


  •  is made of two layers silicone coated glass fiber fabric. It is a kind of High temperature duct, flame retardant, chemical resistance, stand for very high temperature. It is also used in different industry.


  • Wall : 2 layer silicone fabric, spired tape.
  • Spiral : spring steel wire hidden between the 2 layers. high-temperature glass fiber cord on the outer surface.


  • Very good heat resistance.
  • Leak-proof ; kink-proof.
  • Long life time.
  • Smooth interior.
  • Small bending radius.

Temperature Range

  • -70 C approx. to +280 C approx.
  • Short time to +310 C approx.

Standard Color

  • Red
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